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TexAvery1On February 26, 1908, a man named Frederick Bean Avery was born in the great town of Taylor, Texas. This man would later become a legend, and change the world as people knew it. Frederick was a name not commonly used for him though; most of us know him as the famous animator and director, Tex Avery (also sometimes called Fred Avery).

Tex Avery went on to grow up in his home town of Taylor, Texas, and later graduated school in another town which wasn't far away, also in Texas. He graduated from North Dallas High School in 1927, although some records show that the year was 1926. There are many who say that a great deal of Avery's work is widely influenced by his background of growing up in Texas and the way many things, including women, are viewed in the state so it can be said, that Tex Avery may not have been who and what he was, had it not been for the influences he had from growing up in Texas, even though some people did not see these influences as great qualities he had.

Just a few short years after he had graduated from high school Tex Avery made the big move from Texas to Chicago, which is where began taking courses at the Art Institute of Chicago in hopes of fulfilling some of his dreams. It took some amount of time however after applying to several places, Tex finally found a job in Los Angeles and began sleeping on the beach on a regular basis (many say that he even lived there on the beach), which may have assisted him in getting his foot in the door of animation. It was here that Tex Avery first became recognized because of the very unique sand art sketches that he would draw in the sand on the beach where he slept. Many crazed fans have decided over the years that Tex became famous because of his very unusual ways that he went about doing things. His sand art sketches were only a small peek at what he had in store for the television industry in years to come!

TexAvery2After going about submitting some of his artwork to several different studios, Tex was hired by Walter Lantz Studios and it was this job where he initially started his animation career. He began working in 1929 for them as an animator which again offered a few peeks at his unique talents that he had to offer as an artist. For about five years or better, Tex Avery worked at assisting others and going about learning the trades and skills that he wanted to perfect throughout the course of his working career.

During the early years of his career it was not terribly noticeable how great of an impact Tex Avery would have on the ways of animation, nor was it apparent that he would have such amazing ideas that would last for years and even decades to come, through the people who saw them and noted his animating skills in addition to his acting and directing skills..

In 1935 Tex decided to make a change and moved to the Leon Schlesinger studio and was able to be head of his own production, which was the beginning of fulfilling his dreams. He began to generate ideas and create his own characters which later on would become so widely known and loved amongst people around the world. It was at some point during this time when he started to become widely known as an artist and animator in the industry.

Tex Avery began his work with Looney Tunes and it was his characters that we have all known and grown to adore across the years and from one generation of children to the next. His cartoon characters are known by most everyone, literally. Even adults admit to sitting down and enjoying a nice cartoon which features characters created by Tex Avery, or even a cartoon which was directed by him. Just to name a few of the characters developed during this time would be a very simple task as his characters are said to be most famous cartoon characters that have been created to present, and they are predicted to remain the most widely known for the duration of the industry.

It was in 1941 that Tex Avery and the producer at the Schlesinger studio ended up in a dispute which caused a change in work for Tex. The dispute was over the ending of one of the cartoons. Avery had what he felt like was a great ending and Schlesinger came in behind him to edit the cartoon without his knowledge because of the ending possibly implying a connection with the ending and a punch line and that was something that Schlesinger did not want. After the argument became a major issue, Tex quit the studio all together and went on to work with Paramount for a short time where he done a series on "Speaking of Animals".

After working with Paramount, Tex Avery went on to work with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company, or as well all like to refer to it, MGM Studios. Most of Avery's work was done while employed with MGM and it was during his employment there that most of his characters were developed and became so widely known. It has been said that this was the peak of his unique talent and nice glimpse at what he had to offer the cartoon world. He changed animation as most saw it and went from the every day life as most knew it, and turned the cartoons into something that had not been seen before. The cartoon characters that he created had no limits. They could do just anything you could imagine whether it was humanly possible or not! This was a major development in Avery's career and much of what made him who he was and what he became so popular for doing.

While with MGM Tex Avery created many characters which became very famous, and still are to this day. His creation of Happy Hound, who we now know as Droopy, is one of his most famous characters. A few other widely known characters which were thanks to him include the original Daffy Duck, one of the Porky Pig transitions, and the personality of Bugs Bunny as well. A few more of his widely known characters are Lucky Ducky and Screwy Squirrel. There are so many characters which were created by, or touched up by, Tex, that many believe that all of his characters were not credited to him as they should have been. Although Droopy has been said to be his most popular creation, it can be argued that Screwy Squirrel was the most successful, and would have became much more popular had he not been removed from the shorts, by dying at the end of one. Avery was able to produce a massive amount of successful characters and cartoons while with MGM Studios, and not all of his work was simply that of animation!


While employed with MGM Studios, Tex Avery also began taking on the role of directing, or sometimes co-directing, many of the cartoons. There are also many people who believe that, just like with his creation of characters, Avery was not credited for all the work he done as a director. Even if it is possible that the current records are a bit inaccurate in one way or another, it is still a very amazing amount of work! Records show that Tex Avery had a great influence through directing because as it stands to date, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios has honored and credited Frederick (Tex) Avery with directing somewhere around an astonishing 80+ cartoons during his career with them. Some of the cartoons he directed that are very popular even to this day, are Red Hot Rangers, Blitz Wolf, Cat's Meow, Deputy Droopy, Screwball Squirrel, and Red Hot Riding Hood, amongst many, many others which are most likely just as famous. Many of his cartoons pushed through the limits of ordinary cartoons in one way or another which revealed some of Avery's most unique talent of all.

It was in 1953 that Tex Avery became too over-whelmed with work to continue on with MGM. He decided on returning to a previous job which landed him at Lantz studio but only for a very brief amount of time. During this time Avery created Chilly Willy which was yet another one of his better characters who became very popular in a short amount of time.

After leaving Lantz again, Avery went on to do some odd work such as commercials and then in 1980, after a very exciting and fulfilling career, Tex Avery died after a battle with lung cancer.

Though most of Tex Avery's characters and cartoons were disposable or short lived, his works are those which have been remembered by many over the years. If you study the animations you see being created in films today, you will see that there is a little bit of Tex in each and every one of them. His styles or techniques are known around the world, and are some of the most popular ones that will ever be known according to most people who know his work. Tex Avery was a truly unique animator who was very successful in most all that he done.


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