Demi Moore: The Early Years

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Before she became the first actress to hit the ten million dollar mark…

Before she met, married and then divorced Bruce Willis…

Demi MooreDemi Moore was just another struggling actress looking for her big break. Some people think it was her role as Patricia Welles in the 3D movie Parasite that first got her noticed, but according to this Hollywood Insider it was her role as Holly Trumbell in the classic ninja action series The Master that helped put her on the path to fame and stardom.

Born in 1962, Demeteria Gene Guynes was anything but a love child. Aside from being named after a shampoo ad, young Demi faced other obstacles. Her biological father had walked out before she was born and her mother and step father (whom she took her surname from) were heavy drinkers who were constantly abusive towards each other. Aside from being an abusive drunk, Demi’s stepfather was also constantly looking for new work as a newspaper ad salesman, moving the family from place to place before finally landing in Los Angeles. On top of that, Demi was also cross eyed and forced to wear a corrective patch and plagued with kidney problems.

After two surgeries to fix her eyes, Demi began to blossom, and at 16 she had quit school in order to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Her looks quickly got her work as a pinup girl and a few years later she found herself in a supporting role in the 3D monster movie Parasite. The movie found modest success in the Drive In Circuit, and Demi found the “Moore” part of her screen name after meeting and marrying musician/actor Freddy Moore on the set of the film. After Parasite, and a brief stint as a bill collector, Demi Moore landed a reoccurring role on the as Jackie Templeton on the television soap General Hospital, which also found her modest success, yet failed to make the beautiful actress a household name. Then along came the ninja action bonanza The Master and the juicy role as an airfield owner’s daughter, and next thing you know, Demi Moore was on her way to celebrity stardom.

Some people may claim that her appearance in the first episode of The Master and her meteoric rise to fame shortly thereafter is merely a coincidence, but I think that when you examine the facts, you will see that her celebrity status is closely linked with this little known gem from the golden age of action television.

If you do not know about the cult television series The Master, then I feel sorry for you my friend because not knowing The Master does like not know what it was like to live during the 80’s.The Master” starring Western Icon Lee Van Cleef made its debut in 1984, when martial arts fever was at its peak in the United States. It was the time when The Karate Kid was swan kicking its way into America’s heart and The A-Team was showing how entertaining explosions could be. This short lived television show was a mixture of both martial arts spectacles and explosive laden action, with Cleef playing a former veteran turned Ninja Master John Peter McAllister.


The Master (1984)

Here is a brief Summary of the show:

After forty years in Japan, McAllister has decided to give up being a ninja in order to come back to America to find his daughter. He winds up teaming up with Max Keller, a hot headed ninja wannabe (played by Tim Van Patton) who drives around in a converted van. The first misadventure the two get into is dealing with a group of greedy landowners who are terrorizing an owner of a small airport. This owner has a beautiful young daughter named Holly who catches the eye of Keller spurring him and the aging ninja to help them out. The character of Holly Trumbell is portrayed by none other than the husky voiced Demi Moore who does a more than adequate job as being both a spirited love interest and damsel in distress.

While she only lasts one episode as Keller’s love interest, it is shortly after this portrayal that Demi landed a role as a struggling drug addict in the film St. Elmo’s Fire. After St. Elmo’s fire Demi then went on to land other roles, cementing her status as one of the Brat Pack alongside the likes of Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy.

While the initial 13 episodes of The Master barely made a dent in popular culture being swept over by the tide of other action shows like “Knight Rider” and ‘Air Wolf”, the ties to its continual resurgence and Demi Moore’s fame make for a curious case of trivia. For example, while it lasted only half of a season, ”The Master” continued to live on, being re-edited and packaged as a movie at just about the same time that St. Elmo’s Fire and Blame it on Rio was making Demi a household name. “The Master then reappeared a few years later around the same time Demi Moore was starting to become a major player in Hollywood. In fact, just a few years after the mega hit Ghost made Moore one of the highest paid actresses in the world, “The Master found new fame on the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but it does seem to me that every time Demi Moore’s career takes a turn for the better, The Master makes an appearance. In fact, ever since Demi reappeared on the Hollywood scene with roles in Charlie Angels and as Ashton’s hot older wife, The Masterhas also enjoyed a renaissance with many fans of the stunt laden series calling for its appearance on DVD. As Demi Moore continues to make headlines, I have no doubt that this once forgotten television show will make its way back once again into the American psyche.

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