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A Few Moments with Eddie Cantor
A Successful Failure
Affairs of Cappy Ricks
Angel on My Shoulder
Ask Father
At War with the Army
Baby Daze
Baby Face Morgan
Behave Yourself!
Bowery Blitzkrieg
Boys of the City
Brideless Groom
Bumping Into Broadway
Calendar Girl
Captain Kidd's Kids
Chaplin: A Busy Day
Chaplin: A Day's Pleasure
Chaplin: A Fair Exchange
Chaplin: A Film Johnnie
Chaplin: A Night In The Show
Chaplin: A Night Out
Chaplin: A Woman
Chaplin: Behind the Screen
Chaplin: Burlesque on Carmen
Chaplin: By the Sea
Chaplin: Caught in a Cabaret
Chaplin: Charlott Mabel Aux Courses
Chaplin: Dough and Dynamite
Chaplin: Getting Acquainted
Chaplin: Mabel's Married Life
Chaplin: Making a Living
Chaplin: Musical Tramps
Chaplin: One AM
Chaplin: Recreation
Chaplin: Shoulder Arms
Chaplin: Sunnyside
Chaplin: The Adventurer
Chaplin: The Bank
Chaplin: The Bond
Chaplin: The Count
Chaplin: The Cure
Chaplin: The Face on the Bar Room Floor
Chaplin: The Fatal Mallet
Chaplin: The Good for Nothing
Chaplin: The Immigrant
Chaplin: The Kid
Chaplin: The Knockout
Chaplin: The Masquerader
Chaplin: The New Janitor
Chaplin: The Rounders
Chaplin: The Tramp
Chaplin: Tillie's Punctured Romance
Chaplin: Triple Trouble
Chaplin: Work
Check and Double Check
Clancy Street Boys
Colonel Effinghams Raid
Congratulations, It's a Boy!
Disorder In The Court
Doll Face
Earthworm Tractors
Father's Little Dividend
Fit for a King
Flying Wild
Follow Your Heart
Get Out and Get Under
Happy Go Lovely
Hats Off
His Private Secretary
Hollywood and Vine
I'm from Arkansas
It's A Joke, Son
Jack and the Beanstalk
Just Rambling Along
Keaton: Cops
Keaton: Daydreams
Keaton: Neighbors
Keaton: One Week
Keaton: Parlor Bedroom and Bath
Keaton: Sherlock Jr
Keaton: Speak Easily
Keaton: The Electric House
Keaton: The Frozen North
Keaton: The Goat
Keaton: The Love Nest
Keaton: The Play House
Lady Behave
Let's Get Tough!
Let's Go Collegiate
Life With Father
Love Island
Love, Speed and Thrills
Lumiere Brothers Early Films
Made for Each Other
Malice In The Palace
Meet John Doe
Meet the Boyfriend
Merry Christmas
Million Dollar Kid
Mooch Goes to Hollywood
My Dear Secretary
My Favorite Brunette
Nothing Sacred
Number Please
Oranges and Lemons
Pay Your Dues
Pot o Gold
Private Snuffy Smith
Road to Bali
Royal Wedding
Santa Claus Story
Sing A Song Of Six Pants
So This Is Washington
Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven
The Admiral Was a Lady
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
The Bashful Bachelor
The Bee's Buzz
The Crooked Circle
The Fat Spy
The Flying Deuces
The Four Deuces
The Inspector General
The Little Princess
The Night Before Christmas
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
The Smallest Show on Earth
The Squeeze
The Stork Club
The Yanks Are Coming
There Goes the Bride
Tough to Handle
Two Weeks to Live
Up in the Air
Wake Me When the War Is Over
What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City
Why Pick on Me


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