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The Vampire Bat

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Reason of the public domain status: Registered in the year it was made, but not renewed.
In the small village of Kleinshloss, the locals are scared with a serial killer that is draining the blood of his victims, and the Burgomaster Gustave Schoen is convinced that a vampire is responsible for the deaths. The skeptical police inspector Karl Brettschneider is reluctant to accept the existence of vampires, but the local doctor Otto Von Newman shows literature about cases of vampirism inclusive in Amazon. When the apple street vendor Martha Mueller is murdered, the prime suspect becomes the slow Herman Gleib, a man with a mind of child that loves bats. The group of vigilantes chases Herman, while Dr. Von Newman's housemaid Georgiana is attacked by the killer... (from IMDb)

Director: Frank R. Strayer
Production Company: Majestic Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white
Date Release: 1933
Lionel Atwill/Dr. Otto von Niemann - Fay Wray/Ruth Bertin - Melvyn Douglas/Karl Brettschneider


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